Saturday, September 26, 2009

Suz Szucs speaks at ASU [Faculty]

Found this update via (every photographer's friend) Mary Virginia Swanson's site.

Suz Szucs will be speaking Oct. 1st about her project "Journal, In Progress" at ASU's campus.

Northlight Gallery currently features the work of Suzanne Szucs in the 'Hall of Mirrors' exhibition. Szucs will discuss her work "Journal, In Progress", for which she photographed herself every day for 15 years using the Polaroid process. Szucs currently teaches at RIT where she is an artist in residence.

Suz is participating in the current exhibition"Hall of Mirrors" at ASU, a group show of female artists exploring identity through self-representation and issues of feminism.

More information on Suz's presentation HERE.