Thursday, November 12, 2009

Four Questions with Alicia Ross on Art:21 Blog [MFA 2007]

Alicia Ross, "Motherboard_7 (Sacred_Profane)," 2008. Cross-stitch on cotton & pearled needles, 40 x 90 in. From Art:21 Blog.

Alicia Ross answers four questions for the Art:21 Blog.
These are great questions to consider at anytime about your own work, but particularly valid less than a week before Walkthrough/Work in Progress.

Can you address your dealings with the grotesque and the sensual?

What do you hope the viewer’s experience is?

What is your relationship to your work?

Where do you plot your work on the map of contemporary art-making? What is its significance in the landscape of societal environment?

You can read the entire interview HERE!!