Friday, September 24, 2010

Stefan Petranek at The Davidson Gallery [MFA 2006]

In Situ
In Situ brings together Stefan Petranek (professor, Herron School of Art), Susan Ferrari-Rowley (professor Monroe Community College), and New York City artist and Roberts alum, Hannah Robinett '06. Rowley, a veteran artist, whose metal and fabric sculpture has dotted the American landscape of contemporary art for many years pairs her work with the emerging mixed media art of Robinett and newly established mixed photo-media work of Petranek. Each artist's work explores strategies, materials, space, and even data to record or verify their individual concepts, whether it's Petranek's genetic code, Robinett's concept of time, or Rowley's concept of experience.

August 30 - September 29, 2010

The public is invited to attend the "closing" Reception,
Friday, September 24, 5 - 7 pm.

M-F 11am-5pm and Sat 1-4

Kodak Atrium
Roberts Cultural Life Center (At Roberts Wesleyan College)
2301 Westside Drive, Rochester, NY 14624

Exhibition web page available here.