Saturday, October 15, 2011

Angela Kelly [Faculty]

During the month of August, 2011, Angela Kelly (on professional academic
leave 2011-12) completed a residency at the Burren College of Art, Co Clare,
Ireland. Working daily in her studio, Angela developed a large drawing that
touched on the central themes of her residency including her research on
memory, place and history. Working in the Burren she explored traces of the
1847 famine within the landscape discovering that she shared an interest in
famine history with Maggie Ronayne, a local archeologist. She is in the
process of exploring a 19c. as yet unknown famine village as well as the
remains of a 19c. workhouse built for the indigenous poor who were forced
off their land during the height of the Poor Laws. Further research led her
to examine and photograph traces of other 19c. dwellings that exist within
former iron age ring forts and stone age sites throughout the Burren.

In September 2011, Angela Kelly exhibited, Catharsis: Images of Post
Conflict Belfast, at the Dali Museum of Photography. Dali Yunnan Province,
at the 3rd international Photography exhibition which hosts over 200
individual exhibitions. This work was nominated by the international jurors
among three other exhibitors for the best exhibit of the festival.

During the month of October,  Angela Kelly will give a series of lectures in
across England, Scotland and Ireland on her work and on the work of her
current MFA thesis candidates.  In November, she will return to Belfast to
continue shooting on her project Catharsis!