Monday, September 9, 2013

Catherine Hellsten featured in Gathering Clouds Magazine

Issue #5: Memory, pages 28 to 31

Catherine writes:

"I am driven to examine objects and ideas that maintain and elicit memory, as I am afraid of forgetting experiences within my life. If the loss of memory is the loss of self, how does that shape us as individuals?

We are compelled to physically preserve our memories by leaving traces. Although we are each unique, the ways in which we attempt to preserve the individual begin to resemble each other. This is particularly true of photography – we use it as a relic of memory. And even though we cannot sustain our individuality through history and within the collective, we are still compelled, obsessed with leaving our trace and collecting our memories.

I enjoy the wet plate collodion process as it not only places contemporary images within a historical context, but forces the subject to engage the camera for long exposures, capturing the intent of the record."