Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall Graduate Work Share

This November, the William Harris Gallery at RIT hosted a work share for the first year photo grads. Lots of great work was shown, and quality feedback shared with the artists.

Cory Fitzgerald

Some of Cory's work

Naharin's work

Naharin Shech

Sarah Weiss in deep conversation
with MFA Director Christine Shank

Gail Goers' work

Ciara Duffy with her photographs

Sarah Weiss

Christian Kasners

Professor Laurie O'Brien and Naharin 
discussing her work

Professor Frank Cost examines Gail Goers' work
while Cory takes a seat and Gail and Christine Shank
discuss the images

Cory contemplating

Ciara's work

Christian Kasners and Professor Michael Frank

Michael Frank and Sarah Weiss 

Christian's work