Saturday, March 28, 2015

Graduate Walk Through

Shortly before spring break, our grad students again had the opportunity to share their ever-growing bodies of work to the MFA faculty and have some in-depth discussions about their projects. The first year grads each had a studio to themselves to hang their work in, and the second year grads exhibited their in-progress thesis publication prototypes.

Gail Goers

Some of Gail's work

More of Gail's work

Ciara Duffy laying out some of her photographs

Part of Ciara's display

More of Ciara's work

Ciara preparing for the day's events

Faculty members Ken White, Meredith Davenport, and Michael Frank taking a look
at the second year grads' thesis publication dummies.

Christian Kasners taking notes from his discussions with faculty

Cory Fitzgerald's studio

Cory getting set for the day

More of Cory's display

Some of Sarah Weiss' photographs on display

Part of Sarah's display

More of Sarah's work

Three of Naharin's video installations

Another angle of Naharin's video installations

The viewer's first peek into Naharin's studio