Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Summer Workshare for 2nd Year MFA Students

This past week the second year MFA students shared with the faculty and first year graduate students the progress in ideas, research and imagery they made over the summer. Between the flurry of setting up and the whirlwind of feedback and suggestions from the MFA faculty, it was a lively day in the Grad Annex!

Cory Fitzgerald sequencing his imagery

Jia Wang organizes her work

Still from Naharin Shech's video projection

MFA candidate Beth Gilbert in discussion with Dan Larkin

Josh Thorson listens as Ciara Duffy describes her summer

Carole Woodlock discusses work with 2nd year MFA student Gail Goers

Professor Ken White meets with Jia Wang 

Graduate student Naharin Shech in thoughtful discussion with Ahndraya Parlato

Gregory Halpern meets with 2nd year MFA student Sarah Weiss

Frank Cost in discussion with 2nd year MFA student Cory Fitzgerald